About Us

Since 1985, ABCK- AmCham Kuwait has operated as a non-profit organization made up of Fortune 500 corporations, small and medium-sized companies, and prominent business leaders and entrepreneurs, both American and Kuwaiti. Through the support of its members, AmCham Kuwait has become the recognized voice of U.S. business in Kuwait. ABCK-AmCham Kuwait’s member companies are composed of several thousand executives, leaders, and staff working in the State of Kuwait, and represent several million direct and indirect employees working globally. Some of our companies operate in as many as 210 countries around the world. As a founding member of the Middle East Council of American Chambers of Commerce (MECACC), a member of the American Chamber of Commerce of the Middle East and North Africa (AmCham MENA), and as part of the global network of American Chambers of Commerce, ABCK-AmCham Kuwait recognizes the importance of proactively encouraging an exchange of ideas between our members, businesses, the State of Kuwait, the Middle East, and the world.

Our Vision: Promoting and increasing awareness of American business, and services, and enhancing business relationships between the United States and the State of Kuwait. Providing a forum and advocacy for our Members.

Our Mission: To be the innovative organization that serves as the catalyst for the U.S. Kuwait trade and investment growth, and broadened relationships